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Aseare is building generic pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities and is a full service medical supply company serving healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, and distributors in Emerging and Frontier Markets.


Aseare will soon manufacture a broad range of generic pharmaceutical drugs and currently sells a wide variety of medical supplies, devices, laboratory equipment and diagnostic products. Aseare is headquartered in the United States and is opening manufacturing facilities in several countries around the world.



Aseare Health is establishing regional generic pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in several Emerging and Frontier Market locations around the world. Our generic-pharmaceuticals manufacturing and (re)packaging operations will be distinguished by our ability to not only comply with local requirements, but also adhere to FDA’s CGMP, the European Unions 

EU_GMP as well WHO’s GMP guidelines ensuring WHO certification. Manufacturing locally within FDA/EU/WHO guidelines results in shorter audit trails from active ingredients to patient which boosts confidence in markets where SFFC (spurious/falsely labeled/ falsified /counterfeit) drugs and/or the therapeutic efficacy of locally available medicine are of major concern and 

provides product differentiation in markets generally considered to be substantially price driven. Our packaging and repackaging capabilities allows generic drugs to be distributed as packaged pharmaceuticals that comply with different local regulatory requirements. Our packaging and labeling capabilities allows for “private label” branding.



Introducing your product into international markets need not be a daunting task. Aseare Distribution, LLC was created to make global sales easy and profitable. We understand the challenges you face in trying to develop international sales. We handle the entire international sales cycle freeing you to focus on innovative manufacturing and the domestic market. Aseare Distribution will work with you to ensure seamless registration and import approvals; through our established (and growing) network of local distributors we will manage the sales and marketing process; and, work collaboratively with your group to assure proper technical and sales training. Our current regions of focus are the Middle East, West Africa (countries of ECOWAS), and East Africa (countires of COMESA). We are now expanding our reach selectively into Asia and Latin America.

For Manufacturers

Through our established and growing network of local distributor- partners in Emerging and Forntier Markets, we have the ability to reach all points in the integrated healthcare provider chain. Aseare Health is a unique Sales and Marketing Distribution Partner for next-generation medical devices and disposables. We sign exclusive distribution agreements with Medical Device Companies looking to build a presence in Emerging and Frontier Markets. Our maunfacturer-partners have high margin, cutting- edge technology platforms with a best-in-class potential. Aseare's extensive local market expertise provides a fast-track to building market share in traditionally high barrier markets.

For Local Distributors

Aseare has access to medical devices and equipment including 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation models. All medical equipment and devices distributed by Aseare have FDA approval in addition to carrying CE certification, if applicable.

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Aseare’s product development cycle is 30% faster than the industry average, rapidly addressing the evolving needs of healthcare providers.

With a 95% on-time delivery record, Aseare’s logistics network ensures reliable product availability.

An impressive 97% customer service satisfaction rate, based on customer feedback and resolution success.

Aseare has a price-match guarantee, ensuring that customers receive the best pricing for generic pharmaceuticals in the market.


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